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Create with Procreate Stamps

Try this banner tutorial using leaves & branches brush stamps on the Procreate app for iPad!

What you will need:

Apple Pencil
Procreate App
10 Leaves & Branches Procreate Stamps
Banner stamps
- or -
Hand drawn leaves & branches
Hand drawn banner

Background and brush colors are your choice.

I chose a muted peachy-beige background and black brush color for a deep contrast.

1. Either stamp or hand draw a banner with light shading and creasing.

2. Type or letter a phrase of your choice. I chose "Joy."

3. Add leaf stamps layers under banner layer. Adjust size as needed.

See the video below for a quick tutorial! Notice how I adjusted each stamp and moved them to balance the top and bottom of the banner.

Click the pictures below to see 10 Leaves & Branches Procreate Stamps.

Thank you!


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