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Pink mixed media flowers in Procreate

How to create pink mixed media flowers in Procreate.


1) Start with a 6" x 6" canvas in Procreate.

2) Brushes:
Section Brush Brush Use
Artistic Tarraleah Background
Water Wet Sponge Smudge background
(My brushes) Water Brush Pen Stems
Painting Wet Acrylic Leaves + Flowers
Painting Oriental Brush Flowers


Here is a breakdown of each drawing layer:   

3) Paint the background with the tarraleah brush. Sketch stems and flowersPink mixed media flowers background 4) Tracing your sketch, on another layer draw white stems.
Pink mixed media flowers stems

5) On another layer, add dark and light green leaves.

Pink mixed media flowers leaves

6) On another layer, add the base pink color flower.

Pink mixed media flowers

7) On the same flower layer, add flower details with the wet acrylic brush. Hide the sketch layer.

Pink mixed media flowers layer color on flowers

8) Add white petal details and dark brown stamen to the flowers. The details don't have to be perfect.

Pink mixed media flowers in Procreate


Your Procreate screen should look something like this:

Pink Mixed Media Flowers Procreate Screen 

Happy Creating!


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