How to Create Realistic Rose Petals in Procreate

July 08, 2020

How to Create Realistic Rose Petals in Procreate

Pink + White Rose Procreate

How to create realistic rose petals in Procreate.

1) Start with a 6" x 6" canvas in Procreate.

2) Brushes:

Section Brush Brush Use
Sketching HB Pencil Sketch
Artistic Tarraleah Background + petal shading
Calligraphy Monoline Petal shape
Painting Oriental Brush Petal edge


Here is a breakdown of each drawing layer:   

3) Using the Tarraleah brush in the artistic section of Procreate, color a green background. Sketch using the HB Pencil from the sketching section; create a petal outline with a bent petal tip. 
Sketch Rose Petal
4) On a new layer on the layers panel, outline the sketch with the Monoline brush. On a new layer, outline the bent petal tip as it's own layer + shape.
Rose Outline
3) You should now have 2 separate petal layers. Fill in those petal layers with white.
Outlined Filled White Petals
3) Swipe two fingers to the right to fill in the larger petal layer. Shade a gray color to the upper left using the Tarraleah brush. Shade the right of the petal with a pink color.
Texture Blended Petal Color
3) Swipe 2 fingers to the right on the smaller petal layer. Shade the edge of the petal tip with a burgundy/wine color using the Tarraleah brush on the lowest size setting, if you want a cleaner edge, use the oriental brush to color the petal tip edge.
Shaded Petal Tip
3) Check the view layer box on the layer panel for both petals to view them together. You should now have a complete petal!
Shaded Complete Petal


Hope you liked this petal tutorial. See the step by step video tutorial by becoming a Procreate Design Member. 

Happy Creating!


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